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Your Favorite Craft/Art Books: Part Three

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had asked the question, "What is your favorite art/craft book?"  There were lots of great suggestions and I thought I'd compile them into one big list (in several parts) in case you're a book junkie like I am!

The Art Journal Workshop by Traci Bunkers 

From Amazon: "With beautiful illustrations, The Art Journal Workshop breaks down the entire working process of journaling with step-by-step photos and instructions from start to finish. You'll learn how to use different media such as paint, photographs, and collage, while following journaling prompts and exercises to help you dig deeper and enrich the journaling process and experience. Traci Bunkers discusses the benefits of visual journaling, and walks you through battling a creative funk when you're feeling down or uninspired."

Another of Traci's books that was recommended is Print & Stamp Lab.

From Amazon:"Artist and popular workshop instructor Traci Bunkers can turn just about anything into an interesting stamp, printing block, or tool. In this book, she shows readers how to see overlooked, everyday objects in a new way, and how to 'MacGyver' them into easy to use printing blocks and tools."

Mixed Media Explorations by Beryl Taylor

From Amazon: "With a sense of humor and creative abandon, this guide shows how surprisingly easy it is to turn fabric, paper, stitch, and embellishment into artistic treasures to keep and share."

Paper Quilts by Sandra Lounsbury Foose 

From Amazon: "Fascinating us with their playful complexity and geometric precision, patchwork quilts have an appeal that has endured for centuries. Offering a new look at this age-old craft, Paper Quilts brings the beauty of traditional American patchwork to papercutters, with patterns and beloved quilt block designs adapted for paper cards, gift tags, ornaments, boxes, and garlands."

Paper Quilting by Bridget Hoff

From Amazon: "This beautiful book is a delight to the eyes, but it is also a wonderful aid to anyone looking for a creative outlet that is simple, enjoyable, and yields breathtaking results."

The New Creative Artist by Nita Leland

From Amazon: "Perfect for fans of the original - and anyone who wants to be more creative - this book includes: a fresh, eye-catching design that showcases 50 percent new material; new instruction to address the creative challenges of today's artist; more than 60 fun, fabulous activities for achieving greater creativity; and artwork in a wide variety of styles and mediums. It includes practical advice combined with inspiring exercises and insights from other artists that make this the ultimate creativity guide!"

Nita Leland is also the co-author of recommended book, Creative Collage Techniques.  Her co-author is Virginia Williams.


From Amazon: "Collage is a fine art combination of paper and shape, color and texture, imagination and vision. This book can help you bring all of these together in one beautiful creation.  Here you'll see magnificent collages by leading artists who show you—in step-by-step demonstrations—how to begin, how to design, how to apply collage techniques in exciting ways."

Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray

From Amazon: "Begin by learning several styles for outlining, filling, decorating, and appliqué. Find out about floss, fancy threads, fabrics, and needles. Get the scoop on hoops, and the lowdown on transferring your very own designs onto every type of fabric. The fresh ideas, witty patterns, and clever color illustrations take stitchers from novice to accomplished in a blink of the eye!"

Creative Wildfire by L.K. Ludwig

From Amazon: "This lush, visual book is a must-have volume for both beginning and experienced art journalers. Each chapter presents crucial, basic information for how to get started, and is layered with in-depth sidebars and activities covering advanced techniques,  approaches to working, as well as interviews with well-known journaling artists. The book comes with a beautiful blank journal in a take-along size (made from paper upcycled from the printing process), ready to catch your daily inspirations."

Another L.K. Ludwig book that was mentioned is True Vision.

From Amazon: "True Visions is focused on ways to bring authenticity and meaning into one's art journaling. The book will examine themes and topics common to all while offering activities and exercises to create rich meaningful content. Each chapter will highlight familiar subject areas such as life events, spirituality, childhood, and even an artist's favorite writings."

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

From Amazon: "Translated into more than seventeen languages, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is the world's most widely used drawing instruction book. Whether you are drawing as a professional artist, as an artist in training, or as a hobby, this book will give you greater confidence in your ability and deepen your artistic perception, as well as foster a new appreciation of the world around you."

We DARE You by Kristina Contes, Meghan Dymock, Nisa Fiin, and Genevieve Simmonds

From Amazon: "Scrapbookers are always looking for ways to push their art, and participating in challenges is one great way to do that. The most popular and inspiring challenges are the "dares" that the authors of this book post on their blog and on Two Peas in a Bucket. These dares explore more than just trendy new materials, they get to the heart of the participants with challenges that really make them think--about what makes them happy or proud or filled with regret."

A Compendium of Curiosities by Tim Holtz

From Amazon: "Get ready to embark on a journey filled with ideas and inspirations to spark your creative curiosities. This book is a compilation of tim's thought and ideas to guide you through your own artistic adventures."

And Tim's second book, Compendium of Curiosities II was also named as a favorite.

From Amazon: "A new Compendium of Curiosities from Tim Holtz, filled with new ideas, new product, new techniques to spark your creativity. Again, much like Volume I, this book is not your typical 'how to' book, but is technique driven, so you can learn and apply these new techniques however you decide."

Kaleidoscope: Ideas and Projects to Spark Your Creativity by Suzanne Simanaitis

From Amazon: "Indulge your creative cravings! Explore dozens of stories, exercises and instructive projects, all designed to feed, encourage and sometimes flex your creative muscle. You'll tap into the joy of drawing, be encouraged to create art in bed, create your own folded-paper shrine, discover the liberation of stream-writing, practice idea brainstorming, make your own duct-tape purse, learn to quiet the negative voice in your head, dream up your own creative studio space and much, much more."

Paper Metal Stitch by Maggie Grey

From Amazon: "This timely project guide concentrates on two of the key materials being newly incorporated into textiles and fiber arts—paper and metal. Both media are covered in separate sections that describe the unique properties of each, as well as textural methods, adding color, and embellishing with stitches."

Embroidered Books by Isobel Hall

From Amazon: "Books with embroidered bindings and covers can be true works of art—treasured heirlooms to be handed down for generations. Now all needleworkers can master this traditional craft with the help of these detailed instructions and patterns. The projects combine several binding methods—including wrap-up and zig-zag books—with a range of exquisite embroidery designs, from a Wild West—themed wallet book to an intricately bound volume strewn with flower petals."

Look for part number four (the final installment) next week!  Find part one here and part two here.

If you have read any of the books in today's post, please leave a comment letting us know your opinion on the book!

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