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Your Favorite Craft/Art Books: Part Two

As I mentioned last week, I had asked the question, "What is your favorite art/craft book?"  There were lots of great suggestions and I thought I'd compile them into one big list (in several parts) in case you're a book junkie like I am!

Cards That Pop-up, Flip, and Slide by Michael Jacobs

From Amazon: "Dazzle your friends and loved ones with the one-of-a-kind projects in Cards that Pop Up, Flip & Slide. A few simple cuts and folds are all it takes to create over twenty cards and envelopes with moveable parts. From pop-up trees to flipping leaves and sliding message panels, the mechanism that make these cards spectacular are easy to re-create or adapt to whatever suits your fancy!"

Journal Spilling by Diana Trout

From Amazon: "There are no lines to stay inside of here. You're free to quiet your inner critic and spill color (as well as your thoughts) all over the page. Author Diana Trout offers a double-dose of encouragement for you to try out new techniques, to ask yourself new questions and to see how safe of a place your private journal can truly be."

 Art Saves by Jenny Doh

From Amazon: "Inside Art Saves, experience the stories of 20 artists who found that artistic expression and the artistic process is worth living for. Whether you are a calligraphy/graffiti artist like Lisa Engelbrecht, a metal artist like Michael DeMeng, or digital collage artist like Susan Tuttle, art has a way of giving you beauty, meaning, spiritual richness, community...even salvation.  The stories in this book come from every medium, because the power of the creative process can be found everywhere."

Objects of Reflection: A Soulful Journey Through Assemblage by Annie Lockhart

From Amazon: "Objects of Reflection brings you a new form of visual journaling–that of assemblage–by creating art that is extremely personal and evokes your fondest memories. Inspiration pours from every page as author Annie Lockhart takes you on a journey inside of her own heart, sharing her stories for building pieces with tiny treasures and common objects."

Life Artist by Ali Edwards

From Amazon: "Ali Edwards is well known for her charming ability to capture the everyday moments of life on beautiful layouts. In her third book, Ali explores scrapbooking as a form of life art. Follow along with Ali as she teaches you how to scrapbook your life moments and share your stories in a way that's real, authentic and a true reflection of your personality."

Unfurling by Misty Mawn

From Amazon: "The book begins with art exercises in drawing and painting that include portraiture, contour drawing, backgrounds, layering, and working with a still life, followed by collage and image transfer techniques. The second section offers exercises and projects in stamp carving, paper pottery, sculpture, origami, paper doll making, and surface design. These tactile explorations offer an enjoyment of the process as well as wonderful handmade projects. The last section shares a variety of approaches to visual journaling."

Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project edited by Karey Patterson Bresenhan

From Amazon: "A compendium of more than 400 images of quilts from the Journal Quilt Project, this collection was culled from the nearly 6,000 page-sized quilts made by 918 artists whose work was exibited at the International Quilt Festivals over five years. Each 8" x 11.5" quilt explores new techniques, expresses fresh ideas, and experiments with the myriad of resources available to quilters today."

The Photomontages of Hannah Höch by Hannah Höch

There was no description on Amazon and it appears to be out of print.  However I did find Hannah Höch: Picture Book for sale.

From Amazon: "A central figure in the Berlin Dada circle, friend to Kurt Schwitters and Piet Mondrian and lover of Raoul Hausmann, Hannah Höch (1889-1972) is probably the most important female artist from the German modernist period. She is best known for her pioneering works of photomontage, which briskly juxtapose mechanical and organic forms, ancient and contemporary bodies, symbols and text drawn from brands and headlines, also edging feminism, commodity critique and other political concerns into the mix."

Daring Adventures in Paint by Mati Rose McDonough

From Amazon: "Written by the well-loved artist/illustrator/blogger Mati Rose McDonough, this book's approach to making art is a bit like uncovering a hidden treasure, a treasure that resides within each aspiring artist. Through a myriad of both practical applications and creative exercises, Mati shows artists how to "find their magic"—the place of confidence from which they can access the vision of what they want to share with the world."

Artist's Journal Workshop by Cathy Johnson

From Amazon: "Artist's Journal Workshop provides all the guidance, structure and inspiration you need to create a meaningful art-journaling practice. Starting with the question, "What do you want from your journal?" you'll build a sound journaling concept that will serve your unique creative needs and give you the freedom to practice, play and develop as an artist."

The Sketchbook Challenge by Sue Bleiweiss

From Amazon: "Have you ever bought a new sketchbook, opened to the first page, and thought, 'Now what do I do?' Sue Bleiweiss and the talented minds behind The Sketchbook Challenge are here to help.  Imagine a supportive community of artists sharing the innermost pages of their sketchbooks and offering you tips and techniques for overcoming creative blocks. That's what The Sketchbook Challenge is all about, and the popular blog of the same name has already inspired thousands."

Creative Albums by Donna Downey

From Amazon: "What do an old cigar box, a stack of used CDs, and a bunch of shopping bags have in common? To author Donna Downey they are all scrapbooks--yes scrapbooks. In Creative Albums, her first book in the 'Yes, It's a Scrapbook' series, Donna shares 25 'out of the box' ways to capture your most meaningful memories. And best of all, you can finish most albums in an afternoon or over a weekend."

52 Scrapbooking Challenges by Elsie Flannigan

From Amazon: "Ready to take your scrapbooking style to the next level? In this exciting book, creative designer Elsie Flannigan presents you with 52 fun scrapbooking challenges! Follow along as Elsie and her team of designers take each challenge. Then challenge yourself to do the same. Learn how to discover your personal style, increase your scrapbooking creativity and create layouts that are uniquely you."

The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehn

from Amazon: : "Most of the book is devoted to the how-tos, from customizing a blank book to avoiding the straight and narrow via mandalas, diagonals, cutouts, or grids. Illustrations come from the artist's perspective: a textured 3-D diary and a rolling-wheels travel journey, among many others. Two- to three-page sidebars highlight specific genres, such as pillow books, nature journals, and illuminated manuscripts."

1,000 Artist Journal Pages: Personal Pages and Inspirations by Dawn DeVries Sokol

from Amazon: "This is the first book to offer examples of over 1000 journal pages in one eye-catching, visual format. Artists can embrace and experiment with this medium and will benefit from this rich collection."

Part three is coming your way next week!  You can find part one here.

If you have read any of the books in today's post, please leave a comment letting us know your opinion on the book!

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