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Art Journal Every Day: Some September Dailies

From Pinterest to Page

Lately I've been starting each day with half-an-hour of computer time.  (I use a wonderful free desktop computer app called Alinof Timer to make sure that I stick to that half-an-hour.)  One of the things that I do in my half-an-hour is cruise Pinterest.  On Tuesday I was on such a cruise and I found a tutorial so awesome that it made me stop, cut my computer time right there, and head to the work table!  

24655277image source

Essentially it's a way to make your own doilies with a bit of creative folding and some paper punches.  The tutorial is in French, but the pictures make it easy to understand.  The author's first name is Nathalie, but I couldn't find her last name. 

I didn't have any tissue paper, but I did have my most trusty Deli Paper!  I made a whole stash of doilies and then put a few of them together to create this layout:

I used a heart punch to cut out the hearts and then taped a piece of red patterned paper behind the photo.

The title was created with an alphabet stamp set I carved and white embossing powder.

I see a lot of these Deli Paper doilies in my future.  They were super easy to make with such fun results!  I even made some fancy ones with multiple punches, folds, and some hand cutting.

Hope you feel as inspired as I did and make some doilies of your own!

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