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This Saturday: Ruin & Rescue at The Ink Pad

I'm really excited to be teaching my Ruin & Rescue class at The Ink Pad this Saturday (September 29, 2012)!

Here's the official description of the class:

Over the years I have learned that my art journal is a great place for artistic experiments.  It’s all about ruin and rescue.  By discovering that virtually all “mistakes” could be “fixed,” I gained confidence and lost the fear of ruining my artwork.  Come and spend the day learning a panoply of techniques for layering, collaging, doodling, and creating wonderful new things from the ashes of old projects.

So what are we actually going to be doing?

Oh, so many things!

I'm going to share my tips on using pipettes.

I'll share the basics of color theory.  Not only the color wheel, but also how to tone your colors, along with tips on mixing and matching colors for bright colorful results (rather than muddy ones).

Without a doubt, there will be stenciling techniques galore!

There will be monoprinting.

Lots and lots of talk about my favorite products, why I adore them, and how I like to use them.

I'll share my "pleasing face" painting AND shading techniques.


I'll share my favorite ways to use Deli Paper.

We'll be working in layers on top of layers on top of layers of awesome-ness! 

And, of course, I've got a few more surprises up my sleeve!

Contact The Ink Pad (212·463·9876) if you're interested in coming to class!

I hope to see you on Saturday.  It's going to be awesome!! 

Thanks for stopping by!