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100 Canvases: Canvas #2

This is another canvas paint-over.  I like painting over old work.  It adds texture, is budget friendly, and answers my storage needs!

The original painting:

And the new painting:

I actually prefer the image with this tight crop:

But, alas, you cannot crop a canvas.  Well, you can.  But you have to unstretch the painting and then re-stretch it over a new frame.  That seems like a lot of work when I could simply do a better job next time.  

I really like the texture in her hair...

...and the kind of frantic background.  

As I was photographing the canvas I noticed this title on the top edge:

Rather appropriate, eh?

I continue to push myself to create arresting images rather than pretty ones.  I'm not totally satisfied with this canvas, but that's all just part of my evolution.

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