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100 Canvases: Canvas #3

If you'll recall, I mentioned in an earlier post that I tend to paint in batches.  Setting up to paint is kind of a pain, so once I'm set up I like to get a couple of paintings done.  I painted today's canvas on the same day as canvas #2.  It's also a do-over canvas.  This particular canvas has had two previous lives:

And now it looks like this:

I'm trying very hard to be a minimalist and not fill up every inch of space with pattern.

I like the textured background, and seeing all those brushstrokes, but it was very hard for me to leave it alone.

The face is very simple and totally non-realistic, but I think it has some charm.  Kind of a sexy ugly thing going on, don't you think?  

I don't know why, but I kind of want to add rabbit ears to this person.  Maybe it's the teeth?

Here's the canvas in its many iterations:

Looking at them all together, I feel like there are some interesting similarities between the first and third painting.  I was definitely going for "pretty" the first time around.  Not necessarily succeeding.  I find the third painting much more interesting.  And the second painting is sort of a big nothing.  What do you think?

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