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Creative Jumpstart

Last year my friend Nathalie put together a wonderful free event called "Creative Jump Start."  She asked lots of awesome artists to share a video detailing how they jump start their creativity.  This is the video that I made:

Creative Jump Start: Playing with Your Products from Julie Balzer on Vimeo.

I made that video almost a year ago.  Watching it again, I was inspired to make this tag:

It's acrylic paint, a ballpoint pen, India Ink, and a tiny bit of patterned paper.  Just the things that were sitting on my desk.

If you're feeling blocked, try taking ten minutes and playing with the stuff left on your desk!

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P.S. If you listened to yesterday's podcast and just can't get enough of my voice, I was a guest on the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast yesterday.  ;)  The topic was product design and the other guests were Heidi Swapp and Jen Allyson Nugent.  Find it here.