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Make A Matchbook Card

A common wedding favor is a keepsake matchbook.  People sometimes put the name of the bride and groom or perhaps the date of the wedding on the front cover.  I took that idea and made a prettied up matchbook with a haiku and short note inside for a family friend's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  It's a nice alternative to a traditional card.


If you'd like to make your own, grab a matchbook and remove the staple that holds the matches.  Once you've opened the matchbook up, note the dimensions of the matchbook.

Cut and score a piece of paper to match the dimensions of the original matchbook.  If you want, add a sentiment to the inside of the matchbook and a decoration to the cover.

Then, staple the matches you removed into your new matchbook cover.

Cut the "strike strip" off of the original matchbook and glue it onto the back of your new matchbook.

This is an idea that works for lots of different occasions.  I gave the one you see above to my Father for Father's Day.  I think these could also be fun for a birthday, new home, or a wedding!  

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