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Getting Started with the Gelli Plate

On Friday my new online class "Getting Started with the Gelli Plate" will be released.

What is a Gelli Plate?

I'm so glad that you asked!  

It's a product made by Gelli Arts for monoprinting (creating unique individual - mono or one - prints).

Essentially, it's a big squishy rectangle of a gelatin-like substance.  As you can see from the packaging, it's advertised as a method of creating monoprints without a press.  Watch this video on traditional monoprinting with a press and you'll see why the Gelli Plate is so darn awesome!

"Getting Started with the Gelli Plate" is a class devoted to getting you comfortable with your Gelli Plate.  

The class is hosted on a private password protected blog and there are seven lessons and five videos which walk you step-by-step through the process of Gelli Printing.  

Watch this one-minute video for a peek into the class:

The seven lessons are:

  1. Supplies: A chat about the supplies I use and why I like them.
  2. Removing Paint from the Plate: This is the most common type of Gelli Printing that you see in online tutorials and magazine articles.
  3. Adding Paint to the Plate: Take a step forward with your Gelli Printing!  Learn how easy it is to fake drawing skills with a Gelli Plate.
  4. Using Stencils & Basic Layering: When you start mixing stencils with the Gelli Plate, super exciting things happen!  We will use both commercial and handmade stencils and masks to create unique layered images.
  5. Creating Intentional Layers: This lesson is all about using the Gelli Plate to create a finished print that stands alone as a piece of art.
  6. What to do with Gelli Prints?  Gelli Prints are super fun to make (it really is an addictive process), but what do you do with those prints? I offer up a range of possibilities to you! 
  7. Resource Guide & One More Technique: The title pretty much explains it all.  This is a wrap-up post with some resource links, and then I couldn't helps myself -- I had to include just one more fun technique!

Here are a few of the prints from the class:


And here is one of the Gelli Prints from class that I simply popped into a frame for a piece of quick and easy art!

This is a great class to take if you own a Gelli Plate and simply aren't getting the results you want.  This is also a great class to take if you're thinking of buying a Gelli Plate, but not sure whether or not it would work for you.  Watch the videos and then make a decision!  (I suspect you'll want one after you see how cool the process is!)

Class is a steal at just $15:

And don't forget, you can also buy a twelve-class pass for all twelve "Getting Started" classes.  It's $165 (savings of $15 or one free class!):

Thanks for stopping by!