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A Peek into My Mom's Kitchen

My Mother is a voracious art collector and her beautiful home certainly reflects that passion.  Today I thought I'd share a peek at a few of the art pieces you can find in the heart of any home: the kitchen.

One of my favorite pieces in my Mother's kitchen is the glass piece hanging in the window above.

It's gorgeous handmade glass mixed with two real fossils.

This is an Ammonite from Madagascar, and is supposed to be 100 million years old (from the Cretaceous Period).

This is a fossilized fish from Wyoming and the Eocene Age (40-60 million years ago).  This piece was made by Hibbs Art Glass.  

I love the tiles she chose for her backsplash.

They're Arts & Crafts style tiles from Motawi Tileworks.  Motawi tiles are individually crafted and hand-glazed so that no two tiles are exactly alike.

This is my Mom's computer area.  

She does our "Adventures in Arting" podcasts from her kitchen!  You can see the headphones on the table, as well as a little painting that I did.  Speaking of the table, it was made by Hudson River Inlay.  As you might suspect based on the maker's name, there is gorgeous inlay in the table.

One of the nice things about Hudson River Inlay is that for every tree they use, they plant ten more trees through the "Hardwood Forestry Fund."

The rug is from Stickley.

And the painting above the desk is by my brother!

There are about a thousand more beautiful pieces of art in her kitchen -- each one with a story of how it was chosen and where she found it.  Here's a peek at just a few of my favorites:

When I grow up I hope to have a home that is just as filled with wonderful artist-made treasures!  Hope you enjoyed this little tour.

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