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I've been reading the Another Lunch blog for a few months now.  The blogger shares photos and how-tos on the adorable bento box lunches she packs for her kids.  Here's an example:

image from
So cute!  I love those little animal sandwiches.  There are actually a ton of bento-focused websites.

Like Bentology:

And Bento School Lunches:

Dinosaur bento lunch 8-15
And CuteOBento (which is entirely in Japanese):

image from blog-imgs-42-origin.fc2.comAnd Bonenhase:

Osterbento Kücken 013
A google search will bring up about a million more!  The food art ranges from cute to jaw droppingly amazing.  

But people packing lunches aren't the only ones having fun with their food.  Via the blog Colossal, I stumbled onto two very cool food artists.

Mike Breach "paints" on coffee before serving it to you.  

You can watch a really good short video and see the original post here.

And artist Hong Yi recently created a 30-day long food art project with some fabulous creations.

You can see many more (and larger) photos in the original post here.

Are you a food artist?  Do you long to be?  I'm still on the "getting things to taste good" part of cooking.  Some day I hope to graduate to "tastes good & looks good."  Something to aspire to!  :)

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