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New Online Class: Getting Started with Lettering

I've got a new online class starting on Wednesday.  Hooray!

Getting Started with Lettering is all guessed it: lettering!

There are six videos in this power packed mini class.  I will show you the super simple ways to take your handwriting and make it totally awesome!  Watch this video for all the details about the class:

You will love how quick & easy it is to create fancy letters...

A...add super cool shadows...

...and create letters full of pattern and color!

Go ahead and sign-up!  It's just $15:

Or make a really smart choice and buy all twelve "Getting Started" classes for $165 (a savings of $15 or one class FREE):

The "Getting Started" classes have all gotten rave reviews!  They're power packed with information for an insanely low price.  I hope you'll join me for all the fun!

Thanks for stopping by!