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Today I thought I'd share some quotes that really speak to me about my artful life.


This is the reason I keep taking classes.  This is the reason that I make art every single day.  This is the reason that I keep trying new things.  All of this education and curiosity and practice has to mean that some day my abilities will come close to my desires and ambitions...right?


This is the reason I started scrapbooking.  It's the reason I love Project Life.  It's the reason I'm drawn to both view and create art with figures and faces.  It's the reason I love reading blogs.  I am a storyteller and a story-listener.  I still think that people watching is the most fun you can have for free -- so many stories just walking around this city.  I have always said about scrapbooking: A picture is worth a thousand words, but everyone's thousand is different. So tell yours!


This has been enormously true in my career.  I try to remember it every time I get rejected, or something I wanted falls through.  I think I've grown and worked harder because of the times I've been turned down.  I think I learned and changed every time I got burned by a business deal.  I think I'm better prepared for success now than I was six years ago.  The same will be true in another six years.  I make a big effort to look at negative moments as learning opportunities and not let them get to me.  It's a long road.  


I could write a book inspired by this quote.  When you blog it's hard not to pay attention to what people pin, comment on, etc. and be influenced by that.  I work very hard to make sure that I am doing work that challenges me.  Sometimes I'm very disappointed by what people like or don't like, but I have to remind myself that it's most important for me to like it.  I want to always be growing and never become complacent.  I would hate to spend a life doing the same thing over and over again just because people like it.

This quote is related:




Sometimes I think the key to my success is simply persistence.  And regular practice.  I just keep trying day after day.  


Yes!  I'm so stealing this manifesto for 2013.  Each and every line is a vital part of a healthy career and a healthy life!

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Do any of these quotes speak to you about your artful life?

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