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Super Easy Watercolor Portraits

Filming two new DVDs!

On Thursday I filmed two new DVDs for Interweave!

We filmed in my Mom's kitchen.  There were three cameras and lots of fancy lights. Definitely puts my little home made videos to shame.

It's always a lot of work to put the videos together -- really, the packing of supplies is nightmarish.

But the crew and the overall experience always make it so worthwhile!

I was very grateful for the "Look Here" sign.

Without it, I'm pretty sure I would have messed up and looked into the wrong camera.  

I have to confess that even after years of making videos and hosting a TV show, I still get a bit of performance anxiety. I had a lot of trouble sleeping the night before the shoot.  I was consumed with worry and feelings of being utterly unprepared.  Luckily, I was prepared and things went very smoothly.  :)

Many thanks to Interweave for the opportunity to share my love of all things art!  The DVDs won't be available for a few months, but I'll be sure to post all about them.  In the meantime, you can check out my three previous DVDs here.

Thanks for stopping by!


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