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I would guess that about 90% of the photos I take are taken with my iPhone.  These are the photos that end up here on my blog, in my Project Life album, and on my scrapbook pages.  Today I thought I'd share my favorite iPhone photo apps with you!


This is a photo sharing app, and I am totally addicted!  Instagram makes it super easy to share your own photos and see the photos of your friends.  You can take a photo inside of the app or import a photo from your camera roll into the app.  If you import a photo, you will need to crop it into a square shape (inside the app).

Once your photo is imported, you can choose from a variety of borders and filters.  I probably use the Amaro and Rise filters the most, closely followed by Valencia.  

I rarely use the borders.  Once you post your photo you can also add a caption and then share it to twitter, facebook, etc.  People can "like" your photo and post questions or comments.  I love it!

Pic Stitch

I looooooove Pic Stitch!  It's the easiest way to make photo collages.  They have a ton of different layouts to choose from and you can do some editing and add filters from within the app.  Generally I don't use the editing part, just the collage layouts.

It's a great way to tell a story.


With Pocketbooth you can create photobooth style photo strips.  And they're high enough res to print!  You can take photos with both the front and back cameras (though only one camera per strip).  It works like a photo booth.  You press the button once and then there are "flashes" -- one for each photo in the strip.  

In the settings you can choose 3 or 4 photos per strip, black&white or color or 1975 or antique or sepia (they also have a bunch of add-ons that you can purchase for different vintage effects).  You can choose the paper stock, the border, and time between shots as well!  

From within the app you can also order prints to be sent to you or you can save your strip to your camera roll.  


Because you have to use a square format to share photos on instagram, whitagram is sometimes necessary.  All this app does is add a white border so that you can share your rectangular photos as square photos.

If I had cropped the photo into a square, I couldn't have gotten all those yummy desserts in!


Phonto is an easy and fun way to add text and some basic shapes to photos.  You can crop your photo into a square or leave it as is.  There are a wide variety of fonts to choose from and simple shapes: speech bubbles, stars, circles, squares, and hearts.

There are also some fun filters to play with.  Here's a screenshot of a few of them:

While Phonto is free, to get most of the add-on filters and shapes you do have to pay.

As a side note, if you want to add handwriting and doodling to a photo, I sometimes use the art app Brushes.

It's easy to import a photo into the app and then I just use my finger to doodle on the photo.  You can adjust the color, brush texture (those dots are a brush -- I didn't do each one individually), brush size, transparency, etc.

So there you go, a round up of my favorites.  What are your most used iPhone photo apps?

Thanks for stopping by!