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A Visit to the Kunsthalle Museum

MoMA's Rain Room

Last week I went to the Museum of Modern Art to experience their Rain Room exhibit.  It was an epic-ly long wait in boiling hot heat, but I'm so very glad that I went.

Essentially, it's a large dark room.  Only ten people are allowed into the exhibit at a time.  There is rain coming down from the ceiling.  However, wherever you walk, the rain magically stops.

Here are some photos:

And I put together a quick video from my visit:

Rain Room from Julie Balzer on Vimeo.

I've thought a lot about what the "art" of the exhibit is.  This is the explanation from the MoMA website:

A field of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected, Rain Room offers visitors the experience of controlling the rain. Known for their distinctive approach to contemporary digital practice, Random International’s experimental projects come alive through audience interaction—and Rain Room is their largest and most ambitious to date. The work invites visitors to explore the roles that science, technology, and human ingenuity can play in stabilizing our environment. Using digital technology, Rain Room creates a carefully choreographed downpour, simultaneously encouraging people to become performers on an unexpected stage and creating an intimate atmosphere of contemplation.

What do you think?

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