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Getting Started with Transfers Starts TODAY!

It's time for August's monthly mini online class!  This month it's "Getting Started with Transfers."

What is an image transfer and why would you want to use it?  Well, image transfers allow you to take an image and (mostly) seamlessly move it to another surface.  For instance, this horse was an image I found in a newspaper.

It has now been securely and permanently transferred to a piece of canvas.  Pretty cool, right?

I've put together a quick video that details what you can expect to learn in class:

Essentially, I'll be sharing my four favorite image transfer techniques and I'll share how I integrate those transfers into my artwork!

Like all of my online classes, once you sign up for class, you never lose access!  It's just $15 and lots of fun!  I hope you'll join me!

You can also buy a twelve-class pass for all twelve "Getting Started" classes for just $165 (a discount of $15 or one FREE class):

Thanks for stopping by!