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Art Journal Every Day: Some August Daily Pages

Ten Amazing Scrapbook Pages

Today I'm excited to share ten scrapbook pages that I saw on Pinterest and fell in love with.

Kinsey Wilson:

image from

I love the stitching, the subtle sprays of color on the tags, the tags themselves, the masterful use of the embellishments, the overall design -- just brilliant!

Mandi Johnson:

image from
In some ways it's such a random collection of elements, but she just makes it all work so beautifully and seemingly effortlessly.  I love the big number, the stamping on the photo, the quirky stitching, and those blue strips that pull it all together!

Tina Aszmus

I love the random collection of leaves, the faux Polaroid prints, and the little dots around the journaling and title!  The design is so masterful: it's quirky and interesting and yet totally perfect!

Sophie Crespy:

I love how she created the pinwheels, but then contained them in the white block.  It's so much nicer than if they covered the whole page -- and such an unusual choice too.  Really awesome, and totally demonstrates the "less is more" mantra.

Marsha Valk:


Well, I have to say that I love Marsha for using the Balzer Designs "Clouds" stencil so masterfully!  I also love the inky background on the ledger paper and those cool gold dots.  The string running across the layout is awesome too!

Wilna Furstenburg:

I love the design of this layout.  Wilna always manages to take random elements and make them seamlessly flow together.  The colors she has used to paint her background are totally wonderful as well!

Mou Saha:

image from
I think the two-page layout is a wickedly difficult thing to do well. I love and adore the design of this page.  It feels full and yet it breathes and it's so simple and well done.  I love the use of tags and the the little photo in the circle -- just so well done!


image from
I cannot tell you how much I love and adore the star with its layers of patterned paper!  Such a cool idea and so well done!  I also think the circle with its sequins and buttons and paint splats and other flotsam and jetsam is brilliant.

Louise Nelson:

Louise is such a genius at minimalist maximalism.  I love the colors, the intensity, the design, the wateriness, the layering, the mood -- such a wonderful page!

Gillian Nelson:

image from
I love how this page kind of looks like an art journal page.  I love the soft background and the sort of handwritten looking title.  I love the little journaling bits and all of the little details!

I am often admiring of, and inspired by, artwork that looks nothing like what I do, as much as I'm inspired by artwork that is within my millieu.  Mostly, I admire artwork and scrapbook pages where I feel like the creator has worked the page or project in a unique and thoughtful way.  Quirk appeals to me.  Unique design always catches my eye.  I also go for bright colors, lots of white space, simplicity, and a strong sense of being hand made.

What appeals to you when you look at other people's scrapbook pages?

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