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A Massive Project Life Update

I am still doing Project Life and loving it.  In the past few months I've taken a simpler approach than previously.  Here are a few of my current favorite things to do in my Project Life album:


I use my handwriting -- messy and sloppy and so not perfect.  But, it's fast and easy and makes every page personal.

I use paint -- paint is an easy way to add lettering and/or color to a photo or jazz up a journaling card.

I try to tell a story -- There's no way to actually capture every bit of life, but each week when I sit down to choose photos, I try to choose the ones that tell the story of the week rather than the pretty ones.

Every photo gets a date -- I don't know why, but it's important to me to date absolutely everything in my Project Life album.

I include screenshots -- So much of my life is on the computer these days and it gets lost immediately.  I want to remember.  If you don't know how to take a screenshot, click here.

When I don't have a photo, I still include the event
-- I think of my Project Life as a snapshot of my week.  If something important happens and there's no photo, I simply capture it on a journaling card.

Food photos trigger my memory
-- and so you'll see them throughout my Project Life.  I love and adore food and swear to you that I remember vacations based on what I ate along the way! 

For a big trip or event, I include an extra photo page insert -- My week in Hamburg included a lot of photos and I wanted to make sure that I really told the story of the trip. I used a shorter (it's not 12x12) page protector (G Design) as an insert into the weekly spread.

I let really pretty photos stand on their own -- without anything more than a date stamp, that is.  Sometimes I don't want to clutter a pretty photo with writing and embellishments and such.

Texts get included -- I've redacted them for the sake of privacy, but texts are an important part of my life and I like to make sure they're included in my Project Life.

I'm all over my album
-- perhaps it's an ego trip?  Or maybe it's just my life.  But, I have no problem putting a thousand photos of me in the album.  :)

I use the memorabilia pockets
-- I'm not a good enough planner to make room in the page protectors for  all the memorabilia from daily life.  Instead I shove it all into a memorabilia pocket.

I use page protectors -- When I don't have enough to fill a memorabilia pocket, I grab a regular old page protector.  I like to throw in to-do lists, invitations, cards, delivery slips -- all the little bits and pieces of life.


I include images of my artwork
-- It's an important part of every week, so lots of photos of what I made or was working on land in my Project Life.

My Project Life is hybrid -- that means it's a mixture of digital and traditional.  When I'm editing my photos to print them, I already have Photoshop open, so I tend to add text to make the process a little more speedy.  That said, I never like to have everything be computer generated.  I always like some handwriting!

I print Pinterest quotes
-- I love to collect quotes on Pinterest.  If I find one I really like I'll often print it out and stick into my Project Life for that week. 


I love making photo collages -- when I have a lot of photos, I find that making a collage of them is an easy way to fit them all in!  If you don't have Photoshop, you can make photo collages on your iPhone using PicStitch or another photo collage program!

I use word stickers & stamps
-- I've never been a fan of word and phrase stickers or stamps on layouts, but I love them in my Project Life!  They make it easy to tell the story quickly!

I hole punch memorabilia -- sometimes it's easier to simply punch a hole in a ticket or a business card rather than wrangle a page protector for it.

I cut photos in half to make them fit -- The page protector pockets aren't always arranged in a way that works for me, so I often cut photos in half to make them fit the way I want.

I love to type directly on my photos -- I simply feed them into my typewriter and go to town!  It's an easy way to cram a ton of journaling in.

I love to write directly on my photos
-- My favorite pen to use is the Sakura Microperm.  Writes on photos so easily, without any skipping!

Are you keeping up with Project Life?  2014 is drawing's a chance to get started if you've been thinking about it and are on the fence!  I love it!

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