Art Journal Every Day: A Good Day

Cold Weather Makes Me Domestic

As the weather has cooled here in NYC I've been feeling rather domestic.  That domesticity has led to some culinary adventures.  Honestly, who can have their stove going in the hot summer?  Not me.  On Tuesday I made my very favorite granola in the world.  I swear to you that even if you are not a granola person, you will love this granola.  

When you cook this granola it makes the whole house smell delicious!  

There are several versions of the recipe online -- the original is from Cook's Illustrated Magazine.  This is the online version I used.  I used cranberries instead of raisins because I am not a raisin fan.  (As a side note, if you are a Weight Watcher, this is a spendy treat.  I calculated that 1 oz is about 3 Points, but I think it's worth it.  I like to mix mine into plain Greek yogurt.)

With granola this good, I had to share it!  I have a friend who is gluten free and so I made the recipe using gluten free oats.  Then I had fun packaging it up to share!

I stamped the "title" onto a tag.  Then I fed the tag into my typewriter and typed up the ingredients.  Given all the food allergies today I feel that it's important to always include a list of ingredients with any food gift. I applied adhesive to the back of the tag and stuck it onto the jar (a recycled jam jar, by the way).

An easy gift that is both attractive and delicious!  

Do you mix crafting and cooking?

Thanks for stopping by!