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Becoming My Art?

My Mom is here in NYC visiting me because today is my birthday.  Yesterday we were sitting in my living room and she said, "You know, I think you're starting to look like that painting."

About a year ago I was snowed in in Colorado.  I was there for the photo shoot for my book, Carve Stamp Play.  My friend Ronda kindly took me in, and while hanging out with her I created this face with my beloved Neocolor IIs:


It has been happily displayed in my living room for the past year.  I walk past it every day and never really think about it.  Until now.


What do you think?  My Mom says she sees it in the jaw, the nose, the lips, the eyebrows, the hairdo, and even the cheekbones.  It's particularly odd because a year ago I looked so very different -- even my hair was different.  So I couldn't have been painting myself, could I?  Was I painting my future self through some weird psychic connection or is this just a crazy coincidence? 

They say that all artists tend to paint themselves.  Maybe?

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