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At Last: NEW Winter 2014 Balzer Designs Stencils are Here!

Okay, okay.  I know I promised you the earring tutorial, but I have such good news that I just had to share!

Hooray!  The new Winter 2014 Balzer Designs Stencils are finally available for sale!!!!

(I'll have the earring tutorial for you on Monday.)


Here's a quick look at some projects made with the new stencils:

Don't forget that next week is Stenciling Live!  All week long you can join me for FREE online LIVE stencil mini classes where I'll be sharing stenciling tips, showing off the new stencils, making pretty things, and offering a new stencil giveaway each and every day!


I've posted the basic schedule below.  Please note that I chose a variety of times to accommodate all time zones.  For instance:

  • If you're in Rome, you're 6 hours ahead of me in NYC.  
    • Monday's show at 2pm is 8pm for you.  
    • Wednesday's 11:30am show is at 5:30pm for you.
    • Friday's 5pm show is 11pm for you.
    • Saturday's 2pm show is 8pm for you.
  • If you're in Melbourne, you're 16 hours ahead of me in NYC.  
    • Tuesday's 6pm show is 10am on Wednesday for you.  
    • Thursday's 10pm show is on Friday at 2pm for you.
    • Friday's 5pm show is on Saturday at 9am for you.
    • Sunday's 10pm show is on Monday at 1pm for you. (Because we have Daylight Savings time here in the US on Sunday, the time difference on Sunday is only 15 hours.)

I believe I've worked it out so that everyone all over the world has a few different time slots to choose from.  :)

If you need a world clock for help converting the time, click here.

How does Stenciling Live work?  Easy peasey, let me walk you through it!

Each of the classes has a unique url (and subject), which I've listed below:

Here's what else you need to know:

  • You can read a description for each of the classes if you click on the link to the class.  
  • To view a class, all you need to do is click on the link.  
  • To participate in the class -- there is a chat box that runs alongside the video -- you will need to create a FREE sign-in on the Spreecast site.  Once you're signed in, you can ask questions and talk with the other students, my Mom (she has kindly agreed to moderate the chat), and me.
  • Please note: In order to win any of the stencils in the giveaways, you'll need to be signed in. 
  • If you can't attend a live class, don't worry. All the classes will be recorded and posted to this blog!

Finally, here are some clickable links for the new stencils -- click on any of the images to be taken to an online shop where you can buy them:

Thanks for stopping by!