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Doodled Soap Dispenser

I recently ordered some Pebeo Porcelaine pens and paints, along with some bowls to decorate.  However, the pens and paints arrived way before the bowls.  And you know what happens with new art supplies, right?  Your fingers get itchy to start playing!  Luckily, I received a free porcelain soap dispenser with my order, so I was able to get to work.

In case you're unfamiliar with the Pebeo Porcelaine line, they're markers and paint that you can use on porcelain surfaces and then "fire" in your home oven to make permanent.  Objects you paint can then be put in the dishwasher with no problem!  However, they do tell you to make sure that you don't use the paints on anything that is going to be touching food.  That said, I've seen lots of folks do plates.  It's not the paint that's toxic.  Apparently, when you use a fork or knife you make microscopic cuts into the paint and bacteria can grow in those cuts.

In any case, it was not an issue in the case of my soap dispenser.  It looked this this:


And I turned it into this:


Interestingly, the part I'm least satisfied with is the dispenser top, which is plastic.  I spray painted it gold, but it didn't turn out quite how I imagined.  I think I needed to have used a spray paint formulated for plastic because the paint just sort of beaded up and got all grainy.  Ah well, live and learn.  I filled in the gaps with a gold paint marker and I'm just going to live with it.

The doodling was easy.  The firing was easy.  Definitely makes me excited for my blank bowls to arrive so that I can get to work!  I'm planning to break open the paints and make them quite colorful.

Thanks for stopping by!