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Earring Re-Do

You know how I love to re-do old projects, right?  I can't help myself.

I started my crafty life as a jewelry maker and beader.  Did you know that?  My early jewelry attempts were hilarious and lumpy, but still much loved and often worn.  In my current jewelry collection I have tons of jewelry that I made years and years ago.  I love that jewelry, but sometimes it makes me crazy when I look at the workmanship.

I recently took down a pair of earrings to wear and then had to take a few minutes to re-make them.  My wire working skills are much better than they used to be.  

Here's a peek at the before (right) and after (left):


As you can see, the old version of the earring (I did not make the bead by the way, I simply purchased it) consists of a purchased earring hook and a purchased head pin wonkily wrapped into a circle.  The new version is a single piece of wire, neatly shaped into a triangle and then formed into a hook. I hammered the earring hook portion, both to work harden it and because I like the look of hammered metal.

My new earrings are much prettier -- to my eye -- than the old ones:


Still room for improvement, of course.  I suppose I'll probably end up remaking them in another ten years!  ;)

And here I am, showing off my naked lady earrings:

Earrings like these take about ten minutes to make.  Maybe less.  I love art projects that take no time at all!

If you like art projects that are easy, then be sure to come back tomorrow when I'll share a quick tutorial on how to make your own ten-minute earrings!

Thanks for stopping by!