Paint Paper Print: A Mixed Media Collage Exploration (Part One)
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Paint Paper Print: A Mixed Media Collage Exploration (Part Two)

Here are photos from day two of class at Studio Crescendoh:

Day2-1Sharing circle is always an important part of class.  Although it sometimes makes me want to sing Kumbaya, I think it's one of the major reasons to take a class -- a shared experience.

GroupcircleBonus points are always given to those who open their mouths when they pose for the camera.  ;)



I always learn when I teach.  Always.  It's one of my favorite things about teaching.  So what did I learn this time?

  • "Only you know when you need to poop."  This is wisdom from Jenny Doh, which I believe she gleaned from another artist.  Essentially, it's the answer to whether a piece is done.  Only you really know the answer to that one.
  • People are insanely kind and generous.  I knew that, but I was so reminded of it on this visit.  From offering a ride, to buying a meal, to gifts given, to adventures offered, to compliments spoken, to supplies shared...these women were warm and inviting rays of sunshine.
  • Repeat students (students who have taken classes from me before) make me feel very at home.  Even after many years of teaching I still get really nervous.  Having some familiar faces helps to calm the butterflies in my stomach.  
  • Take a breath and slow down.  General rule of teaching is to calculate that teaching something will take about 3 times as long as it takes you to do it.  However, I tend to get anxious when I'm not actively demo-ing. I start thinking that people are bored and it's time to move on to the next step.  Not true!  People need time to practice and process and they're happy to play.  No one likes to feel rushed.
  • Bear ears will make everyone you see want to talk to you or laugh at you.  Maybe both.  :)

It was a lovely two days and I am very much looking forward to returning next year!


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