Guest Post: Cori Peck
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Another Repeating Stamp & Some Advice

I carved this stamp a few weeks ago, but I don't think I ever shared it:


Carving these repeating pattern stamps is so super addictive.  When I get on a kick, I just can't stop!  It's like a puzzle, trying to figure out how the lines will fit together to create an overall design.  I love it!

The last time I posted a repeating pattern stamp, I got an interesting question:


In my book, Carve Stamp Play, I show exactly how to make repeating stamps like this one.  But how do you take the leap beyond the patterns I share in the book and make your own unique intricate stamps?  My best advice is after you've made the basic pattern, add lots of little lines and dashes.  Fill every inch of space with pattern.  Don't carve away too much rubber.  If you look at the pile of rubber that came out of my stamp, it's quite small.  Large "white" spaces will make the stamp feel more simple.  Dividing a basic pattern into little lines will make it appear more intricate.  Think of it like doodling.

Doodles-wmEach of the additional little lines combines to make the finished doodle look very complicated.  You could actually do the same basic design a zillion times, but change up the embellishments, and it would look very different each and every time! I hope that helps!

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