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Scrapbook Soup Season 4: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Last week I shared a bit about the first day of filming of Scrapbook Soup.  Today I wanted to share pics of the rest of the shoot and tomorrow I'll be sharing lots of behind-the-scenes info!

On Wednesday, we had four fabulous guests!


First up was Joe Rotella:


Joe is an ace with technology -- both high tech and low tech.  He shared lots of projects.  My favorite was a super neat technique for binding a book using a piano hinge technique!

The fabulous May Flaum was as hot pink as the set:


May and I have filmed videos together twice and I guess if you do it two times, it's a tradition, right?  So we have a tradition of catching a selfie together whenever we film!


Somebody commented that we could be twins.  We both like doughnuts, so it's a good start!  ;)

May shared lots of awesome techniques for using ink and stamps.  She's such a good teacher!

This was my first time meeting Kazan Clark:


Kazan is South African and has the most beautiful accent!  She was fantabulous on set, sharing tips for making die cuts "pop," on some off-the-page-projects.  Plus, she loves statement jewelry (and I do too)!  Check out that necklace!

Jenny Barnett Rohrs was so patient, waiting all day long for her turn in front of the camera:


Jenny is a TV pro, having appeared on both Scrapbook Soup and HSN before!  She put together some super cool cards during her segments!

On Thursday, Jenn Mason made the enormous mistake of flying into Cleveland early.

You see, Thursday was a crazy prep day.  I do this thing where I take an idea that a guest shared -- from each of the 13 shows -- and create a project inspired by it.  I share that project at the end of each episode.  So on Thursday I have to make all of those projects AND all of the step-outs for those projects.  (More on step-outs tomorrow.)

Jenn wandered into my sweatshop and I put her to work!


She's smiling, but I'm pretty sure there's pain and hatred behind that grin.  ;)

I put everyone to work I could find!  Office staff, editors...

Elves-wm one point I threatened to make the FedEx guy stay and help out!

When Friday finally arrived, it was time for Jenn to get in front of the camera:


Of course, Jenn being Jenn, and me being me, there was some silliness involved...


...but most of Jenn's on camera time was spent sharing mixed media ideas, like making your own fabric tape (so quick and easy)!

Friday's other rock star guest was Dina Wakley.


Dina is an inky goddess!  And her philosophy of creating is so similar to mine.  I had a great time working with her and watching her hands go from clean to purple over the day!  

Tomorrow I'm going to share some of the behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts.  Until then, I'll leave you with one last photo....


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