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Scrapbooking with Tags

This week I recorded an episode of The Paperclipping Roundtable podcast.


The topic was personal style.  Towards the end of the conversation I mentioned that I like to experiment on tags and then incorporate them into my scrapbook pages.  Noell said that has trouble figuring out how tags fit into scrapbook pages.  I promised to post some layouts that show how I do it.  Here they are:

LivingInTheTruth-wmAbove is a layout I created back in 2009.  I decorated the tags and then layered them, using masking tape to keep them in place.


This Easter layout is one I created last month for Scrapbook Soup TV.  The design was inspired by this layout:


I created it back in 2012 when hipstamatic was my favorite app and as a result all of my photos from that period have that kind of orange glow.


In 2011 I created the layout above.  I used two large tags to surround my photos.



I spent a long stretch of time designing layouts for Prima (like the two above).  Tags became a go-to way for me to create a place for embellishments to live so that they didn't look "sneezed" all over the page.  They act as a kind of loose grounding agent.


You don't need to use the whole tag.  On this layout from 2011 you can see that I chopped the tag and just used a portion of it.


This remains one of my favorite ways to use tags on my scrapbook pages -- watercolor background and some typewriting.  I have used tags like that in my Project Life album as well.  They're a good thing to have in your creative stash.


Tags are a complete shape.  So, they make a great focal point.

Hello2014-wmI like to use tags as a landing spot for journaling, especially on a busy background like the one above.


On the layout above I've mixed a big tag and some smaller tags.  

I could go on and on.  I've got tons and tons more scrapbook pages that use tags!  They're a go-to supply for me and I always have a big stash of them sitting on my desk.  These are my two favorite sizes for tags: small & big.

How about you?  Do you incorporate tags into your scrapbook pages?

As of the writing of this post, the podcast isn't live yet.  But it might be by the time you read this post.  If so, you can find it here. ETA: It's up & ready for listening!

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