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Art Journal Every Day: Happy Fourth of July!

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Happy Fourth of July!!  To celebrate the holiday I decided to create a page in my art journal.  As with so many of my art projects, my intentions met reality along the way and the page turned out nothing like I thought it would.  And I love it!  I think it's important to let the artwork have its own life and to follow where it wants to lead.  It's similar to how writers often say that they don't tell the story, the characters tell the story.

My original plan was to create a flag background and then add some lettering proclaiming "Happy Fourth of July."  But I fell in love with the background and so here is my finished page:


It's a flag with some artistic license!  I was going to add some stars to the blue area, but I think the white script ends up communicating the look of the stars and so I decided to leave it alone.  I also was going to leave the white strips the white of the background, but I think it looks much better with the book pages!  Lettering would have been too much on top of that very visually busy background, don't you think?

Here are some close-up pics:


I'm so pleased with how my flag turned out!  It makes me want to try making one outside of the journal on a wood panel.  I think it would be a lovely thing to be able to hang up and display!

What are you doing to celebrate July 4th?

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