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Hey! Don't Thow That Away: Altoid Tin Watercolor Palette


I'm starting a new blog series today.  You can guess from the title that it's all about keeping your garbage.  I use tons of stuff that I've rescued from the trash. Today I'm using an Altoid tin and Dentyne gum packaging...

1-supplies create a portable miniature watercolor palette.

The first step is to eat the Altoids and chew the gum.  Once your packaging is empty, you need to clean it out and remove any food residue.  You should be left with a clean empty tin and two little plastic trays.


Be sure you've picked all of the plastic off of the gum trays.

Fill both or just one of the trays with tube watercolors.


Be sure to let the watercolor dry (i.e. harden) overnight or longer depending on the humidity where you live.

All that's left now is to assemble your tin.  I chose to fill one tray so that I could also fit a waterbrush and a sponge into my Altoid tin.

Note, that if you don't include the brush and the sponge, there is room for the second tray, so you can have twice the amount of paint! 


I also decorated the front of my little watercolor box.  But that's totally optional!


And now I have the best little watercolor box for traveling and painting on the go.  It fits right into the palm of my hand!


The lid is perfect for a mixing palette!

I hope you feel inspired to put together your own tiny box of watercolor paints!

Thanks for stopping by!