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The Weekend Five: Julie & Nathalie do New Jersey


One of the nicest parts about teaching at CREATE New Jersey was rooming with my friend Nathalie.  Here are five photos that capture some of our adventures together.

I took her Saturday night class and had a lot of fun!


We snuck out of the hotel and made it to town for dinner one night!  (As a side note, we used Über for the first time and it was fabulous!  If you want your first Über ride FREE, use this code: ts6x9 when you sign up.)


We even went thrifting!


(Don't worry!  I didn't bring it home with me!)

For the first time in all the years I've known her, Nathalie actually finished a beverage down to the very bottom.


She's legendary for never finishing a glass of anything -- from coffee to water to beer.

Mostly, though, we just hung out and talked.


We discussed our lives, our careers, art projects, next steps, etc.  I love having a crafty friend to spend time with.  Even if we're not doing something artistic at the moment, the conversation always seems  to wend its way towards art and inspiration and building a business.

Do you have a crafty friend in your life?

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