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Wow!  You guys are amazing!  I've been blown away by your awesome response to my request for stencil technique guest posts.  As a result, you are going to see so many awesome stenciling techniques being shared over the next few months.  That's right, I said, "months!"  (It's not too late to submit your idea for a stenciling technique guest post!  Keep the awesome ideas coming!)  

First up is Boo Giannini Martin with a post all about being the boss of your stencils!  Remember, it's up to you to determine how to customize your stenciled images!

Think Positive
an art journal page by Boo Giannini Martin

11 finished head with shading
Thank you, Julie, for including me as one your stencil play guest artists.  I have become a huge fan of stencils in the last year.  My one piece of advice for using stencils is less is more.  I was not successful with stencils until I realized that a little paint goes a long way on a stencil brush.  My favorite brushes for stenciling are the very inexpensive children's brushes that I buy four to a pack at Michaels.

When I art journal I always use waterproof products.  When I first started art journaling I had a few pages that turned to mud because my water soluble inks ran together.  Acrylic paint, paint markers, and permanent ink are my mainstays.  I also always use matte medium or gel medium for gluing my pieces. I know if I use those for gluing whatever I put down on my page will stay there.

I like to use repurposed items in my art.  This spread is done in an old book.  I also like to use just part of images in my work.  When I buy a stamp or stencil, I look to see how many ways I can use it.  I hope you enjoy seeing two of Julie's stencils in a slightly different way.

1 Book Page (1)
I always begin by putting a light coat of gesso on my pages so my layers of paint don't seep through the paper. 

2  Stencil Head
For this project I used the Silhouette Script Stencil.  Covering  her ponytail with a piece of masking tape totally changes the look of the image. 

3 Head Stencil Bibi envelope
I stenciled the head on an envelope my friend Bibi, from Rubber Dance sent me as happy mail. I love the tiny stripes in this paper. 

4 Book Page (2)
4 Book Page (2)
4 Book Page (2)
While the stencil was drying I stamped the background of my page with craft paint and placemat. I love the swirls I get from using this Dollar Tree place mat. Next I stamped with dragonfly and text images using Archival Ink to add more texture to the background.  After heat setting the paint and ink I covered the whole page with a hot pink paper napkin using matte medium.  I used a second coat of matte medium over the whole page to make sure the napkin was sealed.

7 Back ground with marks
I added a few random circles using the cardboard core from a roll of tape.  I also added a few dots of paint in two corners using a Montana Marker in pink.  

8 Mixed-up Alpha
8 Mixed-up Alpha
I was playing around with Mixed Up alphabet stencil and molding paste a few weeks ago and decided to use it in a slightly different way.  I used my Montana, Liquitex and Sharpie Paint markers to color each letter in a different color.  Then I cut each letter out individually. 

10 Thought bubble with letters
Using a piece of deli paper, I free handed a Thought Bubble and glued the letters into the bubble.  I then glued the head to the right side of the page and the Thought Bubble above his head. 

11 finished head with shading
11 finished head with shading
Using a Montana Marker I freed handed Think Positive on a piece of leftover deli paper.  I used my Pitt Pens to do a little light shadowing around the head, bubble and words.   I thought it needed something more so I added some lines using craft paint and the edge of a credit card.

Products Used:

I don't have direct links for the stamps but they are from My Sentiments ExactlyStampendous, and Raindrops Art Stamps.

Boo Photo
My name is Boo Giannini Martin.  I am a self taught Mixed Media artist.  I have been an Elementary School Teacher, a Church Secretary and a Rubber Stamp Store owner.  Eight years ago, my life took a downward dip and I didn't touch art supplies for about 6 years. 

In October of 2012 I decided to give Art Journaling a try.  My life was forever changed that day.  Paper and Paint brought me back to life.  I had no clue there was an artist lurking around inside me just waiting to be set free.

This is the quote I have on one of my blogs:  "My art is about the joy of creating and experimenting. The act of creating is more important to me than the result."   Two years later I still find it to be true for me.  I need to create.   It energizes me and makes me feel alive.  My art is a form of play.  The play is what keeps me going.

I think that adults are so caught up in earning a living and being "grown up" that we forget how to play.  Play is a vital part of my life.  My art is my way of playing.  My hands get messy and I have paper thrown on the floor.  I am totally free for the hour or two I spend at my studio table.  I have found that after 8 hours at work the best way to refresh myself is by sitting at my art table and playing for an hour.  The stress of the day just slides right off of me.

I would love it If you would visit me at Stamp Laugh Play or Art, Journal, Feel.