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Today we have another stencil technique guest post!  Woot!  But before we get to it, a bit of housekeeping from me:

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And now, without any further ado, here is Paula Phillips....

Hi everyone!  My name is Paula Phillips, also known as JournalArtista.  I am here to share a new twist to packing tape transfers, using stencils!

The process:

The first step is choosing a stencil.  Consider your stencil choice wisely!  The below picture shows the page completely covered with tape ready to be dipped in water. You want to choose a stencil that has larger spaces, and not too much fine detail.  To practice I started with Dash Circle Dash. Place the stencil over the magazine image. With the image facing up, cover the stencil with packing tape, overlapping the tape approximately half an inch when adding the next piece of tape.

Once the stencil is completely covered (or covered as much as you would like to transfer) with packing tape, turn the magazine image upside down and burnish with your finger, assuring magazine paper is stuck to the tape through the stencil as below.

A word of caution: the fine lines of the design below caused the removal of the tape to be a little tricky and difficult.  You also may tear your stencil if there is very fine detail in the design, so choose bold designs or decided to be happy with imperfect transfers.

Next, throw it in warm water.  Here I placed a bunch of transfers into my bath tub.

After a few minutes, some magazine pages had already soaked away from the packing tape. I have found many free/cheap magazines easily peel off, as well as magazines that have a less-than-glossy finish.  Save these pages for awesome background starters.

With the magazine page facing up gently peel the page back.  If there is a bit of struggle, throw it back in to soak for a few more minutes.  Once the magazine page is removed, use your finger to buff out the remaining paper fibers from the packing tape.  Leave the stencil attached to the packing tape for this process.

Once all paper is removed, your tape/stencil should look like this:

Don’t get discouraged, keep soaking and rubbing until all paper is off.  Leave stencil with packing tape aside to dry before attempting to remove the tape from the stencil.  Once dry, carefully remove tape from the stencil.

Here is where most people get discouraged.  What happens if the tape rips??  Call it a flopportunity and add it to a page in smaller pieces anyway, as I did below.

Here are examples using both the packing tape transfer, and another page using the leftover magazine page.

Sometimes, if you are like most of us and have dirty stencils, leftover paint may transfer to your tape, I love how this looks!

I hope you enjoy playing around with packing tape transfers using your stencils!  Be sure to check out my video on YouTube for more tips and tricks!

Much Love,


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