Merry Christmas!
Best of 2014: Papercrafting Projects

Best of 2014: Art Journal Pages

Hello!  I hope your Christmas was happy and full of cheer!  To wrap up 2014 I'm going to be posting a bunch of favorite projects from the year.  Today I'm starting with Art Journal pages.  (No linky list for Art Journal Every Day this week, but it will be back next week!)



Why I love it: Love the way the hair and journaling work together and I love the face -- bold, ethnic, and unafraid.


Why I love it: Love the lettering (stamped, btw, with a hand carved alphabet set), love the face, and love the patterning and hatching.


Why I love it: She's not pretty, but she's super fabulous!  I'm not a pink girl, but I love the hot pink behind the black and white face.


Why I love it: Hmmmm...I can't stay away from faces.  Love the calm face and the stamped tag as a pull tab.  


Why I love it: Love the way the pattern ended up in her face.  Nothing that I expected and totally awesome!


Why I love it: Love the crazy doodles -- so many little leaves -- and the large stenciled face.  The whole page just sings to me!


Why I love it: Love the lacy cut-out and the (mostly) Picasso + Julie artwork on the right.  And that teal color -- super yum!!


Why I love it: Glue pages sometimes look super junky.  For whatever reason, this one turned out really well!  I love how it all flows together.


Why I love it: Love the stenciled face combined with the serif style lettering.  


Why I love it: Black and white always looks so clean!  I love the stark white embossing and all the hand carved stamps.  The heart in the open square window looks super cool and I love those thermofax flowers!

Posting all of the pages like this is a great opportunity to think about why I like them and why they work and what I might want to do in my art journal going forward.

Some things I notice these pages have in common:

  • Almost all of my favorite art journal pages feature a face.
  • There is a lot of yellow.  And yellow isn't a color that I love.  I think that's really interesting.
  • A lot of my usual crutches/things-I-love like a heavy black line, high contrast, tons of journaling, and a lot of hand carved stamps.
  • A number of these faces pages were "risky."  I took a chance of some kind and they turned out better than I could have imagined.  In fact, there's really only one of the pages that I would say is "safe" -- meaning, I knew what it would likely look like when I was done.

Help me out.  Do you notice any similarities that I've missed?