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Best of 2014: Papercrafting Projects


Here's a round-up of my favorite papercrafting projects from 2014! 


Why I love it: I don't scrapbook as often as I used to and I find it a bit of a struggle these days when I sit down to create a scrapbook page.  I'm out of practice and I can feel it.  However this page came together quickly and easily and magically!  


Why I love it: I find drawing intimidating.  I think most people do.  Looking at the roller coaster in front of me I thought: there's no way that I can draw that.  What a delight to discover that I could!  


Why I love it: How can you not love Gelli Printed journals?  I love the way these books turned out and I love using them!



Why I love it: It was super duper tough to narrow all the inktober lettering pieces down to two favorites, but I chose these ones because they stood out to me.  They're graphic and bold and I love the sayings.  Also they don't seem effortful.  I love that!


Why I love it: I consider myself a terrible card maker, so imagine my surprise and delight when this turned out so spectacularly!  It's painterly and yet not to busy.  Just perfect!


Why I love it: As I mentioned, it was a rough year for scrapbooking.  Had some trouble finding my groove.  This layout is unusual for me (subdued color palette) but I love it.  Love the design, the tags, the stained doily, the sparkly letters.  Love it all!


Why I love it: I love the colors.  I love the texture in the silhouette.  I love how everything is so crisp and yet melds together.  This print simply works.


Why I love it: I am still head-over-heels in love with Project Life.  This photo is meant to simply be a representation of Project Life in general.  I haven't shared a lot of photos of my Project Life this year, but I'm still going strong and planning on continuing into 2015.  In fact, I just ordered up new binders and sheet protectors for the coming year!

Why I love it: It's colorful and artsy yet totally organized.  I managed to sneak in 9 photos and a ton of journaling!  For me, this is my scrapbooking at its best!

It's funny how time away from a craft makes it difficult to do.  That's part of the reason that I art journal every single day.  I don't want to get out of practice.  And I love other daily projects -- like #inktober or #CarveDecember.  In the past I've participated in Layout-A-Day (creating a scrapbook page every single day).  It's amazing how good you get at something when you practice.  Now I simply need to find a way to cram some more hours into the day...let you know when I figure that one out!

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