Best of 2014: Other Projects
Guest Post: Raised Embroidery on a Stencil Design with Anne (part 2)

Best of 2014: Tutorials


Today is my final round-up ost.  I'm picking my favorite Balzer Designs tutorials of 2014!  I hope they're your favorites too!  You can find a link to the original tutorial underneath the image.


 DIY Boot Cuffs Tutorial

Why I love it: I adore projects that mix crafty skills with practical use.  I wear the boot cuffs I made all the time and I love being able to say that I made them!  

image from

Embossed Foam & Distress Paint Tutorial 

Why I love it: This was a kind of crafty alchemy.  People never guess that craft foam can look like this!  I enjoyed making the art and I enjoyed sharing the technique too!


Embroidery Floss Tassel Jewelry

Why I love it: Love the way the necklace and earrings turned out.  Love knowing how darn easy it is to make tassels and "fancy them up" a bit.


Another Repeating Stamp & Some Advice

Why I love it: This post was an answer to a question from a blog reader.  She asked how to keep her repeating stamps from looking super simple.  I love that (a) I was able to answer a question from a reader and (b) share one of my favorite design tricks that I use over and over again!


Artsy Made Easy: Stamp on Stamp Action

Why I love it: Easy and quick technique with fabulous results! This was also a tutorial I shared because of a question someone left me on instagram. 


ScanNCut Stenciled Scrapbook Page

Why I love it: Love the stencil, love the technique for creating the stencil, AND I love the page!  Triple win!


ScanNCut Snowflake Banner

Why I love it: This is a simple idea that can be applied to lots of different crafty projects.  I love the way it turned out and I love that it really exploited what the ScanNCut has to offer.


Toilet Paper Tube Stamps

Why I love it: Cheap, simple, and super effective technique.  I love it when garbage can become a tool for making beautiful art!


Altoid Tin Watercolor Palette

Why I love it: I always have a crafty project in my purse.  I love that this tiny little tin makes that even easier!

Finally, it's not strictly a tutorial, but I did love this post:

15 Things You Should Give Up: Art Version

Why I love it: It's easy to be critical of yourself and your art.  It takes a bit more work to be happy, at least for me.  I wrote this list as a reminder to myself and was delighted to share it with you!

Did I miss one of your favorite tutorials?  Is there a technique or idea that you'd like to see a tutorial on in 2015?  Have you checked out the Balzer Designs Tutorial Archive?  Let me know!