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Guest Post: Raised Embroidery on a Stencil Design with Anne (part 2)

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Hello again and “Guten Tag” to everybody. I am Anne Lange from Germany and today I would like to show you a more sophisticated embroidery technique in a film that I made for you. Well, actually, the film already existed in German, I spoke some English over the German text, especially for you. I hope my accent is not too strong for you to understand me.

On this embroidery, done on Julie’s lovely stencil “Aboriginal”, I used a technique called Raised Embroidery that can give a lot of texture to your needle work.

Anne Lange 2

The password for the video is "AtelierLange":

Raised Embroidery from Gerd Ohlweiler on Vimeo.


In her online classes, Anne goes over supplies in detail, but in brief for those who are wondering:

  • I use all kinds of fabric, but mostly cotton. For the embroideries in this guest post I used calico.
  • I use John James Needles: Embroidery Needles, Size 3 - 9 - "E3-9" and Chenille Needles, Size 18-24 - "CH-18-24"
  • I use my own threads, i.e. "Hand dyed silks and cottons of Atelier Lange-Nadel."  I use a very wide range of different threads of all thicknesses, materials and coulors.  People can only get my threads together with my workshop, because I dye them all myself and can not do a big production. To make sure that I can well equip my students any time, I do only sell to them.
  • I bought the stencils at, a Dutch (European) company. You could add this information, if you like, for your European readers.

Hope that helps the curious!

Anne LangeAnne Lange teaches embroidery in her studio in Germany and at shows, but mainly in online courses on her website. Anne has a german embroidery education as well as the English City & Guilds Diploma in Design & Embroidery. She loves to simplify complicated embroidery techniques, so that people can have fun with them. Anne dyes her own threads to send them out to her online students.

The online course “Long Line” has recently been translated into English, so that students outside of Germany would be especially welcome to join in. “Long line” goes for nine months and starts every year in April and in October. To see students work and get further information you are invited to go to

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