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Art Tip: Rescue Your Brushes!

Today I want to share an art tip with you!

I'm usually super good about washing out my paintbrushes.  They may sit in a jar of water for a week, but I try very hard to never let paint or glue harden in them.  After all, that's how a perfectly nice brush becomes a stick.

That said, I recently discovered that one of my favorite brushes had not been thoroughly washed after I taught a class.  I had assumed it was okay and stuck it in my brush bucket when I got home.  When I took it out to use it, it was as hard as a rock.


I vaguely remembered someone telling me that soaking your brushes in Murphy's Oil Soap would bring them back from the dead.  I was skeptical, but I figured it couldn't hurt.

I filled a container with Murphy's Oil Soap and placed the brush in it.  The Murphy's Oil Soap only needs to cover the bristle portion of the brush.

Several hours later I removed the brush and rinsed it out.  And do you know what?

The bristles were soft and pliable again!

What?!  So magical!

If you've got brushes that need a bit of rescue-ing, I highly recommend a bit of Murphy's Oil Soap to save the day!

Thanks for stopping by!


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