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Ring Pincushion

I was cruising through Amy Butler's instagram account and I came across this awesome pincushion: 


I literally jumped up and walked straight into my studio and began pulling through my jewelry stash for the parts to make one of my own!  Here's the how-to:

STEP ONE: Gather your supplies:


  • Ring Blank -- These come in tons of different styles.  The one in the photo is a super cheap adjustable one from Plaid.
  • Small Bezel -- To ensure that the pins don't poke your fingers, you need a hard metal bezel to hold the felt ball.  The one in the photo is from Nunn Designs.
  • NOTE: You can purchase rings with the bezel already attached.  I just didn't have one in my stash.  Here's a link to an inexpensive one.
  • Felt Ball -- Buy one or make it yourself!
  • Wire Cutters -- My favorite ones are from Tronex.
  • File -- I used a jewelry file, but you could also use sandpaper.  It would just take you a little longer.
  • Scissors -- Always good to use dedicated fabric scissors.  These are the ones I use.
  • Glue -- I highly recommend E6000.  Best glue for jewelry applications!  Sadly, when I took my tube out, it was all dried out, so I grabbed what I had on hand and used Beacon Quick Grip.

STEP TWO: Prepare the bezel.  


My bezel was intended for a necklace.  I snipped off the bail.  Then, of course, I had some jagged edges.


Some quick filing took care of getting rid of those sharp edges.  Very important for something that is going on your finger!

STEP THREE: Glue in the felt ball.

The ball is round.  It will sit in the bezel a bit better if you flatten one side by trimming it with scissors.


Use light pressure to secure the ball and ensure the glue is sticking.

STEP FOUR: Attach the ring.

Obviously, it you've bought a ring with an attached bezel, you can skip this step.  Otherwise, glue it on.


(And ignore my peeling nail polish, okay?)

Once the glue dries, you've got an amazing pin cushion for your finger!  So convenient and so easy to make!


I'm thinking that my next one will be made in a proper ring bezel and maybe even have some decoration, like the beading in the inspiration photo.  Or maybe a felt ball that's striped or something cool like that?  But in the meantime, I'm thrilled with this one!

Even if you don't sew, it's a cute little ring to wear around (minus the pins)!

Thanks for stopping by!