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Interlocking Stamps

I'm continuing to put together projects for Scrapbook Soup. I carved up two new interlocking stamp sets (chevron and triangle) and paired them with an old favorite set (circles).


If you can't tell from the photo, interlocking stamps are stamps that fit together.  These are really simple ones.  In the past I've done some fancy ones like this:


I combined the prints from my little two-part interlocking stamps with one of my favorite stamps I carved during #CarveDecember...


...in order to create this scrapbook page:


The heart detail is one of my favorite parts.


I cut the heart shapes from grungeboard, using my ScanNCut. Then I added stamping, heat embossing, and several layers of paint!  

This layout has unusual colors for me: dark rather than bright.  I like to change things up and try to get out of my comfort zone when I create.  Sometimes it's a success and sometimes it's simply an adventure.  Either way, time spent making stuff is awesome!  :)

You can get complete instructions on creating interlocking stamp from my book, Carve Stamp Play, or on the upcoming season of Scrapbook Soup!

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