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Jewelry Roll

My Mom recently mentioned that the jewelry roll she uses for her jewelry when she travels was dying.  She asked if I could make her a new one.  I took a peek at the one she had and I drew up a sketch.


I wasn't sure how to put in the zippers, so I did a little research and found a great tutorial for putting in a zipper pocket.  It was much easier than I thought, but I really need a zipper foot for my sewing machine!  (I know I keep saying that.  Some day I'll buy one!)

Nevertheless, once I found the zipper tutorial, I got to sewing and made my fabulous pouch!  It only took me about two hours, which wasn't bad considering all the mistakes I made along the way!


As you can see, the jewelry roll has one large open pocket at the top and then two small zippered pouches.  I used sari ribbon for the closure.  


The largest pocket is perfect for necklaces and larger jewelry of all kinds.


The larger zippered pocket is perfect for big earrings, bracelets, or small necklaces.


The smallest pocket is perfect for small earrings and rings.

And then the best part is that it all rolls up for easy transport when traveling.


I like it so much I'm kind of wondering whether I'll actually pass it on to my Mom or just keep it for myself!  What to do...?

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