Art Journal Every Day: March into April 2015
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Art Tip: No More Clogged Nozzles

I recently stumbled into this excellent video from Jennifer McGuire on YouTube:

In the video Jennifer shares a fabulously amazing tip for keeping your fine-tip adhesives from clogging.  I love Glossy Accents, but every single time I take it out to use, I have to grab a pin to unclog the tip.  It takes a while and it's frustrating.  Jennifer shares how she uses a Fine Line Applicator Cap to keep her nozzle from clogging.  I **had** to try it.

These are the parts and pieces I had:


A bottle of Glossy Accents with its tiny tip and original cap, and the two parts of a purchased fine line applicator.

The only piece I was interested in was the needle cap that keeps the fine line applicator from getting clogged.


As you can see, the needle fits right into the bottle's opening:


I've had my bottle capped like this for about two weeks and it has been awesome!


Every single time I've reached for the Glossy Accents it has been ready to go without any clogs!  What an awesome idea from Jennifer McGuire!  I hope it's a helpful tip for you too!

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