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I'm out of town for the week filming the new season of Scrapbook Soup TV.  While I'm away, I hope you'll enjoy these posts from the Balzer Designs archives.  You can always search the archives for past gems HERE.  Enjoy!

This post is from December 12, 2010.

Want a quick and easy gift to give?  Have I got the tutorial for you!

First you've got to do a basic tape transfer.  Check out my video below for the how-to:

(What do you think?  My friend Kim has been bugging me forever to do one-minute technique videos and I finally did the first one!  I think one of my 2011 resolutions is going to involve a whole lot more of these!)

Once your tape transfer had dried, grab some fragments.

Fragments are plastic pieces from Tim Holtz.  You can get them with or without holes.  These ones (as you can see) have holes.  (The piece on the right is my tape transfer.)

Apply Glossy Accents to the fragments.  Not too much.  (Sometimes the tape transfer will stick to the fragment on its own, but just to be safe it's good to use adhesive.

Press the fragments onto your tape transfer.

Once the Glossy Accents is dry, cut around the fragment.

Use a sharp tool to poke through the tape where it covers the hole.

Add a jump ring and an earring hook to each fragment...

...and you've got a fabulous pair of earrings!

Here's a pair I made from some text from a Glamour Magazine:

Lots of cool possibilities, right?

Well, let's take it one step further, eh?

Repeat the same steps as before, but this time with a single large fragment.

The tape transfer is see-through, so we are going to place it onto a book page for a layered effect.

I wanted to catch the word "fairy."  Use Glossy Accents to adhere the fragment to the book page.

Once the Glossy Accents is dry, cut the fragment out.

I like to cover the back of the book page (which will rest against your body) with some multi medium.  Just something to seal it and prevent water/sweat damage.

Wrap foil tape around the edges of your pendant.

Once you've wrapped around the whole pendant, you'll need to smooth down (flatten) the tape on the front and the back.  Do your best to be neat and pay attention at the corners.

My corners are still a bit wrinkly, but I smoothed them as best as I could with my thumb.

As we did with the earrings, poke a hole through the tape and book page where the hole in the fragment is.

I added a jump ring and a rubber necklace and voila!  A fabulous artsy necklace in about 15 minutes!

Hope you'll make some earrings or a necklace of your own!

Thanks for stopping by!