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Updates from Me!

Hey there!  I've been a busy bee and have a few updates to share.


First, I could really use your help.  Gudrun Sjöden is one of my favorite clothing manufacturers (she makes crazy colorful clothes in lots of sizes) -- I'm wearing a shirt she designed in this photo!

Someone very kind nominated me for the Gudrun Sjoden "Most Colorful Woman" contest for the month of June. I'd love to be chosen and get to go to Sweden to meet Gudrun.  

Would you mind taking a moment to vote for me? Here is the url: 

ETA: The link isn't working for some people.  Facebook is grumpy about the re-direct, I think.  On the Gudrun Facebook Page, there is a menu that runs across the top.  One of them says "The Most Colourful Woman of the Year."  I'm hoping one of those links will work better for you!  Thanks!

Thank you in advance!!


I'm delighted to share that Cloth Paper Scissors will once again be hosting its "Art Journaling Live" workshop.  It's on June 18 in Arlington, TX.  

It's a packed day of art where you get to take four art journaling classes -- one with me, one with Dina Wakley, one with Nat Kalbach, and one with MaryBeth Shaw.  All supplies are provided!  You can sign up here.


I'm lucky enough to have my work in three magazines this month.


(And yes, it really was that cold in NYC on Saturday.)

I've got two artful aprons in the current issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  One is on the cover (yay!) and the other one features a transfer of an old photo of my Great Grandmother.  I cut up two painted canvases and a bit of map patterned canvas fabric to piece together the apron shape.


(I thought about cropping out the fact that I'm in my jammies, but hey, my eyes are half closed and this is real life, right?)

I have a tutorial on creating doodle stamps...

14 Zen Doodle Workshop Magazine.

You can find the instructions for the Matisse-inspired collage I did for the Ranger Challenge...

Balzer-ArtLife-wm the current issue of Somerset Studio Gallery.

That's all the news that's fit to print at the moment!  Thanks for stopping by!