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Four ScanNCut Technique Videos

I'm back with a new round of ScanNCut technique videos.  I hope they answer your questions.  And remember, you can find all of my ScanNCut videos here.

First up, let's explore the editing interface.  In the video I push all the buttons and give you a guided tour of what every icon means.

In this next video I share how to change the settings on your ScanNCut so that you can cut super big with the 12x24" mat!

Here is the cut from the video, with my hand for scale:

Remember, you can cut even bigger than this!  I didn't have a piece of paper that was 24" long, so I used a shorter piece of paper.

I get a lot of e-mails asking about cutting stencils with your ScanNCut. I've done a number of video projects that share cutting a stencil, but I wanted to do a quick technique video that simply gets down and dirty with how easy it is.  There are no standard settings.  It depends on the stencil film you're cutting.  Be sure to test cut to ensure you've got the settings right!

Here's the stencil and mask I cut in the video:

In case you're wondering, I used this stencil plastic.

Finally, did you know that your ScanNCut works as a large format scanner?!  That's right!  Scan any image -- up to 12x12 in size -- as a 300dpi .jpg, saved to a USB thumb drive.  Isn't that awesome?  Watch the video for the how-to

Here is the scan from the video:

Beautiful color and quality!

As always, let me know if you have any ScanNCut questions you'd like answered in a video tutorial!  I want to help you make the most of your ScanNCut!

Thanks for stopping by!