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Instagram Inspires

I don't know about you, but I'm totally instagram addicted!  Here are a few things that inspired me lately:


This is Alisa Burke's gorgeous studio!  Can we talk about life goals?!  I love the light, the color, the pattern, the whole thing!


Instagram itself has a very interesting instagram account.  They often highlight art and artists (thank you!), such as the cool paper cuts you see in the photo by Gio Pastori.


After all these years, I still love scrapbook pages.  I follow several scrapbookers and scrapbooking companies on instagram.  Pink Fresh Studio is an embellishment club with a quirky and feminine look that I like a lot.


I find a lot of quotes for my art journal and Project Life album on instagram.  Effyourbeautystandards always posts lots of body positive quotes and images.


There are so many talented people out there with so many great ideas!  When I saw Rae Missigman's terrific idea to corral punchinella with binder clips, my brain exploded into happiness.


As you know, I love looking at art!  Love, love, love.  I have discovered so many cool artists through instagram, such as Michela Sorrentino.  Her artwork reminds me of Squeak Carnwath, one of my all time favorite artists ever.  (She does not have an instagram account, sadly.)


Finally, here is some student work that Tracy Verdugo posted.  Having taken Paint Mojo with Tracy, I love seeing what other students are creating using those same techniques!  plus, that face just speaks to me.  I love interesting faces!  Pretty faces are just pretty.  I need to work on making mine even more interesting!

ETA: Linda Chaves (the face artist) has an instagram account!

Who or what inspires you on instagram?

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. You can find me on instagram as BalzerDesigns.