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An Afternoon at MoMA

As you know, I try to go to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) as often as possible.  I average about once a week when I'm not traveling.  Visiting so often allows me to lose the guilt of feeling like I have to see everything.  Instead, I usually try to focus in on seeing a few things for a short period of time.  I may visit an exhibit multiple times, so I feel free to skip what doesn't interest me that day.  It's a lovely way to visit a museum.  Here are some pics from a recent afternoon I spent at MoMA.  Enjoy!


I don't know how I got so lucky, but this huge video game exhibit was completely empty.  There's only one controller in the exhibit and I went ahead and grabbed it and started playing.  I'm not much of a gamer, so it was pretty pathetic, but it was way super amazing wicked totally cool awesome to play on a screen larger than my apartment!


The piece you see above was really interesting because I think it speaks to one of the most powerful things about visual art: it tells a story. I don't know if it's aesthetically pleasing, but the text blew my mind and I haven't been able to get it out of my head.  


I had never seen the famous soup cans in person.  I also hadn't realized that they were all slightly different.  It is interesting to start to explore the small differences, something you can only do when they're all displayed together.

By far the most popular images in the Warhol exhibit were the Marilyns:


Again, I had never seen them in person and I kind of fell in love.  They are so incredibly visually striking and the small differences in color become powerful after a while.  It definitely made me want to go home and screenprint!


The Yoko Ono exhibit both intrigued and repelled me.  There were some things that made me roll my eyes in a, "this is art, really?!" kind of way.  And then there were moments of quiet brilliance that really made me think about what art is.  It's an exhibit I've been back to a few times because there's a lot to think about -- and read.  There's a lot to read.  It's more of an intellectual adventure than an aesthetic one.  In the end, I think I come out on the side of admiring her.  Art should make you think and she has made me think every single visit.

Hope you enjoyed the trip to the museum!  Thanks for stopping by!