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My Mom's Summer Berry Shortcake

My Mom is the best cook in the world.  Well, that might be hyperbole, but she's pretty awesome at it.  If I create art from paint and paper, she does it with food.  

I've been visiting my Mom for the past ten days and she has made some seriously amazing summer meals during that time, always taking advantage of what's fresh and in season.  The best way to eat, don't you think?  Last night she made a quick and easy dessert that I had to pass on to you because...well, it's just so easy and delicious!


There are a couple of things that I love about this recipe -- the first is that it's not really cooking or baking, it's just assembling.  The second thing I love is that you can make this dessert for just one person -- perfect for those of us who live alone.  I'm never going to bake a cake for myself.  Even a batch of cookies is often too much for one person, but a single serving dessert is perfection!  You can, of course, make it for a group too.  



You will need creme fraiche, chile pepper, maple syrup, blueberries (or any berry that's in season), and shortcake.  Let me talk about the shortcake for a moment: We bought ours.  It's delicious and homemade in a bakery near my Mom's house.  A delicious shortcake is key to the whole dessert being delicious.  Go out and taste test the ones from bakeries near you, or make your own.  I also think homemade pound cake would be a super delish choice as would a traditional English scone.  You could even go with angel food cake if you're trying to save some calories.

First things first, we need to make the sauce -- the sauce which caused me to lick the dish, by the by.  But let's not talk about that.....

For one person: mix a heaping spoon of creme fraiche with a dollop of maple syrup and stir.


The measurements aren't exact.  Creme fraiche can be a bit sour and the maple syrup sweetens it just enough.  Add how much maple syrup your taste buds like.  Besides adding some sweetness, the maple syrup also changes the consistency of the creme fraiche so that it's a bit runnier and easier to pour over the dessert.

Now it's time to assemble your dessert.


1 - plate the shortcake, 2 - add berries, 3&4 - pour sauce over berries and shortcake, 5&6 - add chile pepper, 7 - garnish with mint (mostly for looks).

I asked my Mom about the chile pepper -- an unusual choice.  She likened it to when I make art.  When I create I'm always looking for that little extra thing that makes my art unique and unusual and special.  That little detail that makes all the difference.  Mom said that it's same thing for her with food.  The dessert is fine without the chile pepper, but with it -- boom!  That touch of heat helps to make sure the whole thing isn't too sweet and cloying.

And in no time at all...ta da!


I hope you'll give my Mom's Summer Berry Shortcake a try!  And if you've got a great recipe for homemade shortcake, why not share the recipe or a link in the comments!

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