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Today I thought I'd share some images of art that I love that I've recently pinned on Pinterest.  I hope you'll love the pieces too! 


In some ways it's such a simple painting of a face and yet there's emotion and personality in it, which I really respond to.


This is another face that seems simple and perhaps even badly drawn, but I love the personality of the figure and the personal style of the artist. 


Can pillows be art?  I've always loved kilim rugs (I have two small ones in my home) and these pillows made from kilim rugs are something I'd love to own.


I love and appreciate all handwork and this beautiful embroidery from India is no exception.  Look at all of that color!


I love an art journal spread dripping with color and filled with pattern, don't you?  The use of black and white is particularly inspiring!


I love the drawing!  And I would also love to own those rings if they were real.  So cool!


I am fascinated by hand drawn maps.  I've tried a few of my own, but they never turn out as cool as this one. 


You know that I love painted circles -- it's a motif I use over and over in my journals and my other artwork.  These happy colorful circles make me smile!


I love the mix of, what I assume is a found photo, and a pencil sketch.  Plus that turquoise really makes the whole composition sing!



 This totally reminds me of Basquiat, whom I love.  It's by an artist named Matt Sesow, who has long been a favorite of mine.  He makes colorful, aggressive, primitive, arresting paintings.  Take some time to cruise his website.  It's a good time.

I think there are some consistent things that attract me to art: color (lots of it and super bright), faces, primitive style, and a kind of wonky-ness.  Do you see any other similarities amongst the art I've shared today?

Thanks for stopping by!