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The Weekend Five: Six Flags Great Adventure


This past weekend I went to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.  I don't do roller coasters because I don't like throwing up and crying -- both of which would happen if I rode one.  Because I don't ride the rides, I had time to look around and take photos.  I was struck by how the park planners at Six Flags used art as design to set the mood.

So here are five photos that I think showcase how much art defines our environment:


There is nothing functional about the flames on top of that ride.  They're purely an artful addition.  And, of course, look how both the sign and the statue set a mood for what to expect.  


This elephant bowl container thing was right outside an animal preserve area.  It definitely sets the mood.


Can a lake be art?  I don't know, but it can definitely be design.  It's non-functional and clearly man-made, so why bother?  Because it allows you to see the beauty of that wooden roller coaster.  None of the metal coasters had this kind of landscaping -- or such a clear view of the entire structure.  The metal rides are lovely in their own way, but a wooden roller coaster really is a gorgeous thing, isn't it?  The lake makes that very busy and cluttered structure look clean and airy.


Both of these monumental structures -- the skull and the lion -- are meant to transport you to another place.  And they do!  Without even thinking about it, you take in the signals: old or ancient feeling, primitive, from another place, etc.  These images set the tone.

I hope you're looking at art wherever you may be!  It really is all around us!  Just keep your eyes open!

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